Use Fantasy in Edifice Design

Do you have an idea for a building? With new computer programs, it is not very hard to make an architectural illustration. Now there are even programs for 3d architectural rendering.

It starts simply: you draw a cube (or another shape) and cut out holes for windows and doors. Then, you start making things like stairs and holes for lamps. It is easy to forget about some very obvious elements that every house should have!

Illustrations are just drawings at first but you can change them to look almost like photographs – with colours and patterns from real world. Before that, you must choose materials. Knowing which materials are best for what is an important part of architecture.

You can avoid having to repeat actions by telling the program to multiply something you have drawn. If you do not want things to be the same, you can add some changes to each one, still without having to draw every one from scratch. »Mirrors« help you make things symmetrical and draw just a half of every item.

Architectural illustration and programs for it are meant to design buildings in the first place. Some people want to design their own furniture at the same time and it is possible but they are not required to and customers usually intend to choose furniture themselves. Therefore, some programs offer models of furniture so architects can just insert them insead of unnecessarily wasting time drawing it. Nevertheless, program features can be easily used for modeling of furniture.

To make a garden, you can use distribution features: you choose species of plants and the program distributes pictures of individual ones in the area designated for the garden. At the end, there is a fully covered surface. Species can be mixed and equally represented, which is better in real life, too.

December 11, 2015

Posted In: 3D Technologies