Tips on taking the Best Selfie

Taking the best selfie can be a challenge if you do not know the proper tips to make it look gorgeous. There are certain angles to consider when taking a great picture and lighting is also important. The background in the picture can also make all the difference. Here are a few tips to make sure that your next selfie is your best one yet.

Make sure to always capture your good side when taking a picture. We all have our good side. The good side of your face is the side of your face that you think looks the best. Once you find out which side is your good side, it is important to focus on this side more when you are taking selfies. Make sure to show your best traits in each picture.

Good lighting is the secret to getting the best selfie possible. The better the lighting is, the better you look. Take pictures in well-lit areas so that all of the best features of your face can be shown. Taking pictures in dark areas often show of the parts of our face that we tend to dislike the most. The dark can cause attention to be drawn to our dark circles in our eyes and other unflattering features.

Make sure you have a good background in your picture. There have been too many times when you see a great selfie with a mess in the background. Make sure your background is just as pretty as your face. Always make sure that any part of your home showing in your picture is clean and tidy.

Taking pictures can be fun and exciting because you never know how they may turn out. By following all of these steps, your chances of taking the perfect picture are a lot higher.

November 19, 2015

Posted In: Selfies