Don’t Make Your Hungry Shark Starve

One of the greatest enjoyments in the game Hungry Shark Evolution is to take your shark to new territories. We kid you not. The undersea environment that this game plays out in is so vast that you won’t believe it until you have tried to take your shark to the end of the sea. Try it. You will never find the end of the sea because it goes on. And this is is not randomly generated. They have actually created an environment that is so vast. Kudos to them.

You are also going to find deep sea abysses where you can take your shark to meet interesting new creatures. The only problem is that you might suffer pressure damage and so you can only take your shark up to a particular depth. Of course, if you keep upgrading your shark, you can go deeper and deeper.

Now, one of the problems exploring players face is that their shark goes hungry too soon. We are dealing with a very voracious creature here, and you need to be constantly putting food into its mouth. If you do not do that, you get a message that it is starving and it can die out if you don’t give it food soon.

This problem occurs the most when you are trying to navigate uncharted regions of the sea. Your shark will begin to blink red and that’s a signal that it needs to be fed. You have to quickly take the shark to a place where it can get its food from.

Another solution to this problem would be to apply a Hungry Shark Evolution hack and get unlimited gold coins, gems, and upgrades for your shark. This will keep your shark always fed and you can buy things you need. So do consider this hack if you do not have the patience to do the same.

December 8, 2015

Posted In: Mobile Games