Identify the images

Although frequently overlooked, images linked to online posts are an easy and efficient means to drive traffic to a blog or website content. Given that search engines place image results above websites, viewers are more likely to fall into place on a photo than a link when browsing the net. This doesn’t imply that advertisers should stop using websites and just put up photos, instead, they should pay careful attention to the images they’re using and be sure to tie backwards to their site in as many ways as possible. Thither are many ways a company can capitalize on a user’s propensity to click an image and redirect that traffic to their blog or website content.

  1. Identify the Image: When uploading an image to a site, the file name should be relevant to what the picture holds. Hold it a pace further and include the same SEO-friendly keywords used in the content portion for the file name. Doing so will assure that when a user searches for those keywords, the site will pop up both in the image and web results categories. Either way, a consumer is bound to come across that information.
  2. Caption the Image: In some cases, a picture isn’t worth a thousand words. They are worth a thousand words. Linking a caption to an image automatically increases its chances for being searched and found by a habit. Like to the image name, and instagram hashtag search using predetermined SEO lingo only helps the campaign. Advertisers are bound to see traction if they line up their image, caption and content in a manner that is both searchable and relevant. So look for the best options so that you do not end up in vain and do not compromise with the quality in all the terms.

December 18, 2015

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