Stretch your ankles and calf muscles before a workout


Playing games such as basketball, volleyball, rugby etc requires you to exert your leg muscles to the maximum. The game requires you to exercise explosive power to take off fast or project your body in the air very often. In games like basketball, vertical height is of a great advantage. The taller you are the easier it would be for you to dunk the ball into the basket. To get as close to the ball as possible would be the endeavor of every player. To achieve this aim he may have to jump higher and higher. This requires honing of tremendous skills which can be done at a vertical jump program. These procedures require training. But before training any muscle a proper warm up exercise should be done to loosen the muscles otherwise one would end up damaging the muscles. The explosive jump of your would require many muscles to function at one time. All the muscles have to be alert to respond to the situation. Each part of the body has its own warm up procedure with unique movements and considerations.

The ankles and the lower leg actually bear the entire brunt of the jump and hence they are the parts which have to be in full readiness. These are the ligaments where injuries frequently occur. Spraining your ankle is a result of stretching or tearing of the ligaments of the ankle joint. The calves which make up the posterior part of the lower leg also take a huge brunt of your weight. These muscles have to work hard to push your foot and toes against the ground and at the same time propel you up in the air. You should warm up gradually by rolling and twisting your ankles in circles for about 10 times each. This loosens them up for the hard grind.

November 25, 2015

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